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MBP® Receives FDA GRAS Status
GRAS: Generally Recognized As Safe

Snow Brand Milk Products Co., Ltd. (head office: Shinjuku, Tokyo, president: Tadaaki Kohnose) announces that MBP® obtained the GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status through the GRAS determination by US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This milk protein, which is contained in milk in minute amounts, is a functional food ingredient that promotes bone health.


The FDA is a US agency specialized in granting permission for commodities such as foods, drugs, and cosmetics, as well as controlling unauthorized products.
Snow Brand has received a "no questions" letter as a result of the FDA's safety assessment.
The GRAS status formally endorses the safety of MBP® and is a big step in the development of MBP® business.

In the United States, the safety of MBP® had already been acknowledged by American experts in July of 2005 before this FDA assessment. MBP® has also received the Food Technology Industrial Achievement Award from the Institute of Food Technologists based on an evaluation of its research and development, product applications, and other aspects.
Because General Nutrition Centers, Inc., a leading supplement company in the United States, released "Women's Ultra Mega® Bone Density", which includes MBP® as ingredient, in January of 2006, the functionality of MBP® has steadily gained consumer awareness.

Because the GRAS status for MBP® has strengthened the foundation to develop this business in the United States, we plan to accelerate MBP® business there, examining MBP® applications in the food sector as well.

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