MBP® The all-natural power of milk

MBP®is a registered trademark of Megmilk Snow Brand Milk Products Co., Ltd. in Japan and U.S.A.

In humans, the bones are completely regenerated over a period of about three years.

Osteoclast cells destroy old bones, and osteoblast cells create new ones. This way, bones are regenerated little by little every day. MBP®is a useful part in this remodeling process.

MBP®'s most important characteristics are that it increases the number of bone-forming osteoblast cells and regulates the activity of bone-destroying osteoclast cells. This important multi-functional protein acts directly and indirectly on bone cells, vitalizes the bone itself and makes it more receptive to calcium, while at the same time preventing excessive calcium from being dissolved out of the bones.

Here is some information about how your bones can be fortified and made healthier, such as the secret of MBP®, the all-natural power of milk, and how bone rebuilding works.

Interactive effects of milk basic protein supplements and habitual physical activity on bone health in older women: A 1-year randomized controlled trial

MBP® is a registered trademark of MEGMILK SNOW BRAND Co., Ltd. in Japan.
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